More people living with HIV in Kyiv accessing antiretroviral therapy

A public–private partnership between the Elena Pinchuk ANTIAIDS Foundation and the city of Kyiv has enabled 1300 people living with HIV in Kyiv, Ukraine, to access antiretroviral therapy.

The partnership, a part of the Kyiv Fast-Track city programme, allows Kyiv to double antiretroviral therapy coverage of people living with HIV at no extra cost. The public–private partnership enables antiretroviral therapy to be procured for less than half the previous average cost of the medicines in Ukraine. Before the signing of the partnership, the antiretroviral therapy programme in Ukraine was financed by the national budget and by resources from international donors.


“Jointly with people living with HIV we developed the Fast-Track municipal AIDS programme, and today we’ve made a step to our joint realization of our 90–90–90 commitments, ensuring treatment for all Kyiv citizen living with HIV.”

Vitaly Klitschko Mayor of Kyiv

“The key task of my foundation is to stop the AIDS epidemic in Ukraine. UNAIDS advocates for access to treatment by 90% of people aware of their diagnosis. The sooner Ukraine reaches these standards, the sooner we will be able to stop the epidemic. That is why we provided US$ 250 000 for the most advanced medicines for people in Kyiv in need of treatment.”

Elena Pinchuk founder, Elena Pinchuk ANTIAIDS Foundation

“There are three things making the Fast-Track Targets achievable: partnership, leadership and good example. Kyiv has been exemplary in partnering with all stakeholders and coordinating them within a patient-centred approach.”

Jacek Tyszko UNAIDS Country Director, Ukraine

“For people living with HIV, these pills symbolized their future, happy families, healthy children and life opportunities. We welcome this initiative as one of the most essential and meaningful outcomes of the Fast-Track cities initiative in Kyiv.”

Dmytro Sherembey Head, All-Ukrainian Network of People Living with HIV

Source: UNAIDS