AIDS-2016: South Africa will host the 21th International Conference on HIV/AIDS

The 21st International AIDS Conference (AIDS 2016) will be held from 18-22 July 2016 in Durban, South Africa.  AIDS 2016 is expected to convene over 25,000 delegates from around the world including scientists, political and world leaders, people living with HIV.

Nelson Mandela addressed the participants at the ХШ International AIDS Conference which also was held in South Africa. 16 years later, the global AIDS response has been transformed. In 2000 access to antiretroviral drugs was sharply limited, and donor spending on AIDS activities amounted only a small fraction of current funding levels. We’ve reached the goal of providing 15 million people with access to life-saving HIV treatment by 2015.

UNAIDS estimates that from 2002 to 2012, expanded access to HIV treatment averted 4.2 million deaths globally and contributed to a 58% reduction in new HIV infections.

However, many of the obstacles that impeded effective HIV prevention and treatment programs still exist today. AIDS 2016 aims to reinvigorate the response to HIV and AIDS by:

  • Bringing together the world’s experts to advance knowledge about HIV, present new research findings, and promote and enhance scientific and community collaborations around the world;
  • Promoting HIV responses that are supported by and tailored to the needs of at risk populations or people living with HIV, including women and girls, men who have sex with men, transgender people, sex workers, young people, and people who use drugs;
  • Advancing a clear agenda for HIV in a post-2015 framework, including the cross-cutting issues of gender-based violence, sexual and reproductive health, rights, and stigma and discrimination; and
  • Building innovative partnerships with businesses, community, government, and science to strengthen HIV prevention and treatment efforts.

Besides, AIDS 2016 participants will have an opportunity to learn about the theme and objectives of the 6th Eastern Europe and Central Asia AIDS Conference to be held in April 2018 in Moscow. The Conference will be organized with the support from the government of the Russian Federation and the UNAIDS. The event aims to catalyse and unite the efforts of Eastern Europe and Central Asia countries in reaching the UN set goal – ending the AIDS epidemic by 2030.